09th Mar 2016
Nomadic Session #13

Nomadic Session #13

We're back for a thirteenth Nomadic Session. We can't wait to see and hear you all again!

11th Aug 2014

Nomadic Session #8 – July Jula

A very special Nomadic Session held outside! We made a lovely little covered stage from which lovely acoustic music ...

17th May 2014

Nomadic Session #7 – MayDay!

Returning to the venue of our very first session, we had a lovely selection of artists!

29th Apr 2014

Nomadic Session #6 – In Bloom

A very special session and the first one in centre of Paris. It was so well attended that we had reservation only event!

29th Mar 2014

Nomadic Session #5 – Green Return

A lovely session back at our roots in the bunker house! Here are some lovely recordings from it:

02nd Mar 2014

Nomadic Session #4 – La Terrasse

Unlike the previous sessions, Nomadic Session #4 was held in a non-residential home!

18th Feb 2014

Nomadic Sessions #3 – La Charmeraie

What else to say than that it was an absolutely wonderful session!

14th Jan 2014

Nomadic Sessions #2 – El Golea

Once again a lovely session full of great performances! Thank you all for coming...

20th Dec 2013

Nomadic Session #2 – coming up…

Nomadic session #2 is tomorrow! The 21st Décember, the winter solstice!

02nd Dec 2013

Nomadic Session #1 – The Bunker House

First Nomadic Session at the Bunker house went very well! Thank you to all those who came and made the evening wonderful ...