29th Apr 2014

Nomadic Session #6 – In Bloom

A very special session and the first one in centre of Paris. It was so well attended that we had reservation only event!

29th Mar 2014

Nomadic Session #5 – Green Return

A lovely session back at our roots in the bunker house! Here are some lovely recordings from it:

13th Mar 2014

Sophie Ter Schure album released!

After a lovely week of recording and a huge amount of work, we've got an lovely album finished!

02nd Mar 2014

Nomadic Session #4 – La Terrasse

Unlike the previous sessions, Nomadic Session #4 was held in a non-residential home!

18th Feb 2014

Nomadic Sessions #3 – La Charmeraie

What else to say than that it was an absolutely wonderful session!

14th Jan 2014

Nomadic Sessions #2 – El Golea

Once again a lovely session full of great performances! Thank you all for coming...

13th Jan 2014

Mages at El Golea studio

Here's a great video from the Mages recording session in December 2013

20th Dec 2013

Nomadic Session #2 – coming up…

Nomadic session #2 is tomorrow! The 21st Décember, the winter solstice!

02nd Dec 2013
photo by Siobhan Cox

El Golea Studios

Welcome to El Golea studios! Don’t hesitate to contact us if you would like to be recorded!

02nd Dec 2013

Nomadic Session #1 – The Bunker House

First Nomadic Session at the Bunker house went very well! Thank you to all those who came and made the evening wonderful ...