I am Chut Wutty


So excited that Fran Lambrick’s feature documentary for which we did all the sound is being released internationally today by Journeyman: I am Chut Wutty. It was an incredibly interesting but also challenging project to work on.

Only involved in the post-production stage we received hours of interviews of varying quality. After an initial draft back in 2013 which we were extremely lucky to present to award wining Dubbing Mixer George Foulgham (Project Nim, Man on Wire, etc..), we worked hard to creatively use the original recordings to make a professional soundtrack to accompany the beautiful footage captured by Vanessa de Smet. We are very pleased with the result and hope you will take time to learn about the land-grabbing issues and the amazing activist, Chut Wutty, presented in this documentary

“I AM CHUT WUTTY began as a film exposing dispossession and deforestation in Prey Lang forest, Cambodia.  Communities depend on the forest, collecting natural resins from trees that are now targeted by loggers.  These issues came to a head with a community protest in Sandan, where a rubber company, CRCK, is illegally cutting down thousands of resin trees.  At that protest, we met Chut Wutty.  Aside from the group we spoke about corruption in illegal logging, when the military police arrived. Wutty was thrown to the ground at gun point.  Immediately the network members rushed to help him—armed only with sticks.  Later he said, “If I don’t do the work, no one will do it. People are too afraid.”

In April 2012, Chut Wutty was shot and killed at a logging site in the Cardamom Mountains, Cambodia, where he was investigating illegal activities with two journalists.

The international outcry at Chut Wutty’s death prompted the Cambodian Government to issue a suspension on all new land concessions.  However, just weeks later, six new concessions were given – two of which are in protected areas.  International public and donor pressure must support the activists continuing Chut Wutty’s work, and the forest communities standing up for their rights.

Worldwide, those who struggle to protect the environment face violence. Chut Wutty is one of over 700 forest and land rights defenders killed world wide over the last decade: a rate of one per week.  Over the last decade the rate of killings has doubled.  We aim to tell the story of Wutty’s work protecting Cambodia’s forests and to support activists who pursue justice—protecting the natural resources they depend on.” ( More info: iamchutwutty.com)