A selection of some of our work over the years.

Music recordings:

Field recordings:

Please note that we privilege quality over loudness. As consequence you might notice that our recordings are slightly quieter than a lot of mainstream recordings. For more information on what is called the ‘Loudness War‘ please read: turnmeup.org

Documentaries, shorts and feature films:

H2O - The Weight of Water in Nepal’s Foothills

Close - Netflix Original

H2O - Eroding Memories in a Nepalese Village

Sophea: Changing Her World

H2O - Mustang's Apples on the Move

I am Chut Wutty - Trailer

Redrug Productions - Crude

Music videos and live sessions:

Zeitgeber - Heteronomy (2017) (Full Album & Film)

Limpet Space Race - Cartograffiti

Monkey Sessions - Jupiter & Okwess International

Jay Sunaway - Rocks

Jay Sunaway - Moonwards

Three Guys Named Joe - Beyond The Great Divide

Zeitgeber - Suprachiasmatic Nuclei

Monkey Sessions - Papooz

Monkey Sessions - Fémina

Monkey Sessions - Cléa Vincent

Bambino dell'Oro album teaser

Bamabino dell'Oro - Cosi Cosi

Monkey Sessions - Fishback

Mages - Takotak

Le Colisée - Monkey Sessions

Nomadic Sessions | subRosa - Blatt

Nomadic Sessions | subRosa - Blatt #2

Tandem Sundays - Promo feat. Òkina

In The Secondhand Shop - Matt Chanarin