Upcycled Sounds

Award-winning audio production for music, film & documentary. Founded in Paris & run recording studio and venue in Oxford, UK. 


We're at the heart of many local music projects: a record label, 3 day music festival, new local venue, many gig series & international folk & electronic music residentials.

Record Label

Upcycled Sounds Records is home to some of our favourite productions. Our current roster features 12 artists across prog, jazz, pop, electronic & folk genres.


Upcycled Sounds is committed to ethical & eco-friendly practice. We support and partner with projects which share our values and run an eco-build studio.

About Us

About Upcycled Sounds

Award-winning independent audio production company and record label founded in Paris and now running from a recording studio in East Oxford. The current production team, Nicholas O’Brien and Hannah Jacobs, have produced numerous albums, EPs, live sessions and soundtracks, and sound recorded and designed for feature film, theatre and documentary.

They’ve worked with the BBC, Pinewood Studios, RAK Studios and Lucas Studios, with artists including Liz Fraser, Bernard Butler, Fémina, Fishbach, Juliette Armanet, Sam Lee, TEN FÉ, Afghan Women’s Orchestra, SEED ensemble, London Contemporary Voices, Jungle By Night, Papooz and Max Reinhardt.. Their productions have been supported by Arts Council England, DPA, Sennheiser, RME and Bubblebee Industries and featured by Apple Music, Audio Media International, Clash Magazine, Classic FM, Gramophone Mag, BBC Radio 1,3 and 6.

When not off round the world recording, they love their home music scene and are at the heart of a range of local music projects: a 3 day music festival, the new venue set up at Tap Social, Tandem Collective, multiple gig series, an international folk music exchange programme and an electronic music residential.

Their label, Upcycled Sounds Records, features their favourite productions from 12 artists across prog, jazz, pop, electronic and folk genres.

Praise for our work

Delicious poise… and adventurous production. BBC Radio 6

Beautiful…blew me away – BBC Radio 1

‘Welcomely eclectic’ ‘A unique soundscape and feel’ – Songlines Magazine

‘Fast becoming one of our favourites, pioneering sounds from scratch in a setting that encourages exploration and experimentation – Folk Radio UK

This duo are geniuses. –BBC Introducing

 Hugely resourceful and creative. The imaginative musical language…kaleidoscopic range of influences with an assured and conscientious touch, has produced compelling work. Dr Toby Young, multi award-winning composer

The thing about working in a studio with a great team – in this case local label Upcycled Sounds – is that such a talent can flourish, explore sounds and arrangements… and produce something extraordinary. Nightshift Magazine

So much thought and imagination has gone into the arrangement. Fresh On The Net



Niko Bio Shot

About Nikò

Nicholas O’Brien is an award-winning sound-engineer and producer, event organiser and multi-instrumentalist. He has recorded everywhere from world class studios to the Himalayas. His portfolio includes numerous albums, EPs, live sessions and soundtracks; sound recording for documentary and feature film, and composing and sound-design for theatre and film. He has worked at the BBC, RAK Studios and Pinewood Studios, lectured at SAE and built several studios.

He is also an accomplished live sound tech, engineering shows at top UK venues including the Southbank Centre, British Museum, Sheldonian Theatre and EARTH Hackney as well as co-founding two independent venues in Oxford.

His work has been supported by Arts Council England, DPA, Sennheiser, RME and Bubblebee Industries and featured by Audio Media International, Clash Magazine, BBC Radio 1, 3 and 4, BBC 6 Music and even at Paris Music Hack’s UNESCO presentation to Herbie Hanock. 

He has played with various rock, prog and experimental bands, including performances at Shambala and WOMAD and an experimental jazz residency with OVADA. He has been selected for residencies with Oxford Contemporary Music, and Fusion Arts with his current project, Limpet Space Race. He is also Co-Founder and Director for Tandem Collective and Tandem Festival, using arts to create positive social and environmental change. 

Nicholas is tri-lingual, growing up in Paris with Italian/English nationality, before moving to Oxford to study. 

About Jakes

Hannah (Jakes) has been a professional composer, arranger, producer and performer for just over two years. In this short time, her innovative music at the boundaries of classical, pop, jazz, electronic and sound art has already secured commissions from Lucas Studios, Orchestra of St John’s, Audiograft Festival and Oxford Contemporary Music and funding from Arts Council England, Oxford Culture Fund and Oxford Contemporary Music. Her productions and compositions have been featured by Clash Magazine, BBC Radio 1, BBC 6 Music and premiered at the Ashmolean Proms. She has toured the UK, Netherlands and Australia performing. 

Hannah has been artist in residence with Fusion Arts for the last year, and currently works as Director and Producer at Upcycled Sounds studio. She also manages Upcycled Sounds Records, a record label with a roster of 12 artists. She plays with various bands but her main focus is songwriter and performer with alt pop/sound art duo Limpet Space Race. 

Previous roles have combined her interest in the arts and in socio-environmental justice including: Co-Founder of Good Food Oxford, a food sustainability organisation; Founder of a feminist folk music initiative; Director for Tandem Collective, an organisation using arts to affect positive social and environmental change; Marketing Manager for Tandem Festival, a 3 day music festival. She has also facilitated a variety of workshops including a 10 day electronic music residential, SEN Makaton school workshops, improvisation workshops and group singing sessions.








Upcycled Sounds is committed to ethical, eco-friendly practice. For example, along state-of-the-art studio equipment, we also build kit from reclaimed materials (our baffles are built from the remains of a Tandem Festival stage made of old floorboards!), fix up old gear and can even fit a professional recording set up on a bike! We facilitate clients to make ethical choices, such as local, ethical food for sessions, eco merch options and links with local artists. The music industry is often a wasteful and cut-throat place, and we want to change that!

We are selective about our partners and prioritise organisations in line with our ethos. We are involved with a number of projects using the arts to to create social and environmental change, including Tandem Collective, Good Food Oxford, Himalayas to Ocean, St John’s Orchestra and Ethno England.